Organisers' Duties

January 1, 0001

1. What is the role of a Working Session organiser at the OWASP Summit, and what activities will I be responsible for?

OWASP Summit 2017 is a 5-day participant driven event, dedicated to the collaboration of Development and Security professionals which numerous Working Sessions will facilitate.

Each Working Session has an organiser, and the organiser’s main responsibility is to create the most effective and productive working session environment for the participants.

The organiser’s main duties cover Working Session content & outcomes. The energy you bring to your working session will also impact its success.

2. How do I ensure a productive Working Session takes place?

As the organiser, you should have a clear idea of what will happen during the Working Session, as this will allow each session to create something tangible and actionable.

Working Session organisers should create detailed action plans and to-dos lists that are easy pick up and start contributing to (we recommend you use GitHub Issues and Projects).

Each organiser should collaborate with the registered participants of their working session to identify and define what the ‘Outcomes’ of their Working Session(s) will be, as these will affect the location and duration of that Working Session in the main Summit schedule.

Next, add those outcomes to the appropriate Working Session in

Please don’t wait for the Summit to start thinking/sharing/working on either your Working Session or its outcomes.

3. Can you give me some examples of possible outcomes?

Here are some examples of what these outcomes/deliverables could look like:

  • Artefacts (Diagrams)
  • Documents or Books
  • Playbooks
  • Roadmaps (for next meeting)
  • Wiki pages (namely on
  • Code
  • Statement or Position (signed by the Working Sessions Participants)
  • Security Review (or a particular application or api)
  • Lessons Learned

4. How long will we have to finalise the ‘Outcomes’ at the Summit?

All materials must be ready by end of the day (or Working Session), so that we can release them to the world in a consumable format (there will be some logistical support provided to Working Sessions organizers). For reference, all materials need to be released under CC BY 4.0 or Apache 2.0 licenses.

5. When should I start defining the outcomes for my Working Session?

The best way to achieve solid results at the Summit, is to work on the Working Sessions topics and outcomes before the Summit.

If you are a Working Session organiser, please start mapping the ‘Outcomes’ for your Working Session today!

‘Outcomes’ have been added to all Working Sessions, and any Working Session that doesn’t have one, will NOT be added to the main schedule and will not benefit from being part of the Summit Participant’s individual daily schedule.

‘Working materials’ will also be added to all Working Sessions, to allow both organisers and participants to consider and contribute draft materials.

This is your time to create something special.

Thanks again for giving OWASP and the Security industry your most valuable assets: your time and knowledge.