January 1, 0001


1. When can I check in to my room?

Keys will be availible from 4.30pm-8.00 pm on Monday at The Venue. Everyday thereafter they will be availible from 8.30 am to 8.00pm. Anyone arriving after 8pm will need to pick their keys up at the security gate.

Whey you leave, please return your keys to the registration desk, NOT the venue’s bins.

2. Where can I stay before or after the summit?

There are multiple options. Some of the preferred ones are available at:

You can also check with Woburn directly at:

3. Which nights are included in the summit ticket + accommodation - 5 days code?

The 24h-5day tickets cover catering/lodging from Monday morning until Friday evening (exact hours to be verified).

4. Does the 24h-5 day ticket include Sunday night?

It does not include Sunday night.

5. Do I need to bring towels and bed linen?

Towels and bed linen is provided at the accomodation. You may wish to bring towels for swimming etc as there are onsite swimming and spa facilities. There are sauna facilities and hot tubs within our villa community.

6. Will I have my own room?

Each villa has a mix of single and double rooms. When you arrive at your villa, it is your responsibility to decide with your house mates on the sleeping arrangements.

7. Where should I go on arrival?

When you arrive at Centre Parcs, follow the all traffic signs. At the arrivals lodge you will be met by security. Let them know that you are attending the OWASP Summit in ‘The Venue’. They will direct you either to parking if you have driven or to the ‘The Venue’. Attendees arriving on Monday will be able to check into their accommodation from 3pm, you will be able to store your luggage at ‘The Venue’.

8. Where should I check in?

You will be provided with your key fob (wristband) at ‘The Venue’ by the OWASP Summit team after 3pm.

9. Where should I park when I arrive?

Security will give you a map and directions to your allocated parking.

10. What will I receive on check in?

The OWASP Summit team will hand you an envelope, this will include your key fob and usseful information about Centre Parcs. In your villa, you will find information packs and guidnace signs that will give you advice on the facilities. If you have any problems, you can call guest services from your villa on extension 2855.

11. Where do I go if I arrive after at Centre Parcs after 8pm to check in?

Make your way to the security gate at the entrance to the park and let them know that you are attending the OWASP summit and need to collect the key to your accomodation. They will check your name and give you your key, they will also give you directions.